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Village full of car dealers, has one of the still thriving downtown areas, LOTS of visable pride/support/etc for the HS team The Libertyville Wildcats, lots of rich and upper middle class people, pretty much the definition of southern Lake County. Libertyville is bordered by Mundelein and Vernon Hills which are similar villages/towns/etc.
Hey lets go to Libertyville!
#illinois #rich #lake county #chicago #wildcats
by 1069 June 25, 2006
Being one with the water. Stroking. Diving. Underwater swimming. Back floating. Water All of these are examples of things people do when they swim.

Swimming is basically a combination of floating and stroaking and movement while in the water. Knowing how to swim and doing it regularly can be fun, tirding, healthy, and can also save your live in the event of an emergency on the water. People do it in lakes, pools, oceans, etc.
Hey lets go swimming.
#pool #skinny dipping #sport #water #stroke
by 1069 November 07, 2005
1) A film that's short
2) An MJ video
Ok we're going to watch a short film here
#michael jackson #short #film #music video #stupid
by 1069 October 28, 2006
Large band in which every member wears sheets. Their music seems inspirational and positive.
The Polyphonic Spree is an interesting band
#polyphonic #spree #sheet #alternative #band
by 1069 October 14, 2005
1) The act of panicing at a disco.

2) A pop rock band that sounds a lot like Fall Out Boy Known for having long and strange song titles that have nothing to do with the lyrics.
Panic! At The Disco.
There is panicing at the disco right now.
#fall out boy #pop #rock #long #emo
by 1069 September 20, 2006
A radio station
A computer.
An automation software.
Bunch of 60s-Current Hot AC, Classic Rock, Disco, Pop loaded into the computer.
A guy named Guy Zapoleon telling the stations what to play.
Howard Cogan blabbing the station's name in between songs

104-3 Jack FM
92-5 Jack FM
101-1 Jack FM
97-9 Jack FM
93-1 Jack FM
100.3 Jack FM
We Play What We Want
#radio #music #jack #pop #80s
by 1069 May 17, 2006
A computer sold mostly off the internet, via newspaper ads and TV ads. It comes pre loaded with all kinds of crap software that is useless. After all that is uninstalled it becomes a pretty decent computer for the cheap price. A fresh XP install is recommended.
Dude, you're getting a Dell! Hold on lemmie grab some weed.
by 1069 August 01, 2005
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