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An name for an exotic girl, usually with dark hair. Very hot in a foreign way. These girls are known to party and are popular with everyone. Also said to be amazing in bed.
Guy 1- dude, have you seen the new foreign exchange student, Nona?

Guy 2- yeah man, that girl is hot.
by jake>> October 24, 2010
A less common but cute girl name, sometimes confused by nerds with the name for a chain of nine hydrated carbon atoms 'nonane'.
"Nona, what are you doing tonight?", "Oh, Im going to play Guitar Hero at Joris' tonight"
by SolidS January 29, 2009
1)Spanish/Itilian name for Gramma.
2)A female name
3)A short horror story by Stephen King
1) "My nona is from Venice"
2) "When is your friend Nona coming?"
"I don't know, bitch have no sense of time"
3) (what? Do you really expect me to get a paragraph of the story and post it here?)
by Gepardo October 02, 2006
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