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A single person(or people) who are stuck in the same house/room with many loved up couples who cant stop getting off in your face. A goosberry will be left sitting awkwardly and feeling slightly worthless because of their singledom but goosberries are able to have fun without a partner and do not need to be constantly in a relationship to feel valued and have fun.
The dude/dudette who follows around couples is a goosberry.
#single #dateless #without_partner #goosberries #single_dude
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 10, 2006
DEFINITION: A mixture of resin/hash in a yogurt good alternate from hash cakes.
WARNING: If the yogurt is made correctly it will paralyze you for at least two nights and one day, make sure you dont have to be anywhere for a minimum of 68hours.
RECIPE: Get a teaspoon of oil, heat it up until the oil bubbles then put in about 20th of an oz of resin (or hash if your a dirty chav). It should dissolve completely then mix it with the yogurt (has to be a fruity yogurt or vanilla if your into that kinda thing) then put it in the fridge for about ten minutes. Then munch. Be prepared, it creeps up on you.
dude: 'yogurt? what that?'
jess: 'yogurt?!?!? NOOOOO!! the yogurt destroyed me!!'
#resin_yogurt #yogurt #drugs #hash_yogurt #drugs_yogurt
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 17, 2006
Insult to describe a coward or fearful individual in french or just plain twat.
Dan (paranoid dude): 'methinks i need to run!'
Max (chilled dude): 'stop being paranoid you lash'
#coward #twat #wimp #stupid #idiot
by Daniel a.k.a Benjamin January 10, 2006
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