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You must know what a Korean Drama is first: A Korean drama is a highly addictive form of serial entertainment that uses rollercoaster-like twists and cliffhanger endings to hook the audience. (In the Korean language, and have Korean actors, but you can find every drama with subs)

How you become addicted:
1. You have to watch a Korean movie first: 200 Pounds Beauty or 100 days with Mr. Arrogant
2. First drama you should watch Boys before flowers (boys over flowers) you can find it on utube or on mysoju.com. .
3. A few other ones that are good to start out with are...You're Beautiful, Personal Preference, and Princess Hours.

Once you become addicted, you begin to learn the pattern of things... and you can move on to more complex Korean dramas... For example Lie to Me is a great Korean drama, but it can be hard to understand the plot line.

Few ways to tell you’re addicted:
1. You began to fantasize about Korean Guys and marrying one
2. You Fallow every new Korean Drama that is coming out
3. You want to go to Korea
4. You think you love life is going to turn out the same way
5. You began to watch them with out English subs, even though you still don't know Korean
6. You begin to teach yourself Korean

Trick to watch Korean dramas:
1. You have to watch the first 3 episodes
2. English subs!!!
3. You have to watch them alone they sound really cheesy with other people
6. The hotter the guys the better (hot actors are...Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Lee Hong Ki, ex…)
Some one that talks like a Korean Drama Addict

- they are sooo hot...Did you hear about the new Korean drama coming out. Lee Min Ho is in it, I don't even know why people think Whites or Black people are hot when Asians are just so smexy! I'm going to beg my Mom to let me go to South Korea so I can club with hot Korean guys and live there for the rest of my eternity, and marry a Korean man. Oh, and I went on Yesstyle to buy 100 pieces of Korean clothing; yeah, all from Korea! Saranghe!
by 임신했습니까 July 06, 2011
Just look up Ryan Higa

by 임신했습니까 June 22, 2011
Another word for yes, but often used in a text message to continue the conversion just a little bit more longer. Most of the time it gives the other person a chance to continue the conversation by a question

It is also a way to say I agree with what you said

Ya and any other form of yes works
Yes doesn't work, it is just awkward
Sarah: yeah, swimming is awesome
Max: yep
Sarah: Hey, are you going to that party tomorrow at brad's house
by 임신했습니까 June 22, 2011
This happens when you get out of bed in the morning, and you decide to look at your self in the mirror. It only takes a few seconds for the blackness to come over you. You blackout for a second, and it just takes a quick look away to get your eye sight back. Your might feel light headed.
Emily: Mmmmm...yawn...hello
Stacy: Good morning WAKE UP!!!!

Emily: I'm awake don't worry
Stacy: Get dressed!!! I am going to be at you house in 5, make sure you have red on. Did you get the text I sent you earlier.................................Emily you there??
Emily: Sorry I just had a bedout
Stacy: Ohh I'll ask you again. Did you get the text i sent you about wearing red instead of purple.
by 임신했습니까 June 22, 2011
It's Korean

Meaning: Are you pregnant
When you say it in english context, It is sarcastic!!!!!!!!!!! It is kinda a way of saying are you smoking something, or you are crazy for thinking that

Most the time when you type it, the other person translates it and it doesn't work.
Stan: Hey, are you going to that party to night
Dan: No, 임신했습니까 we have the champion ship football game tomorrow
by 임신했습니까 June 23, 2011
This when some one says something really dirty, and you not expecting to hear something like that come out of there mouth.

Also can be used if you want to have clean ears, and the other person took it way to far.
Jane:Nick should put his d*ck in me and f*ck me deep and hard.
Sadie: Wow, don't cross the dirty line.

Jane: Sorry, I'll shut up.

Crossing the Dirty Line
by 임신했습니까 November 02, 2011

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