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This happens when you get out of bed in the morning, and you decide to look at your self in the mirror. It only takes a few seconds for the blackness to come over you. You blackout for a second, and it just takes a quick look away to get your eye sight back. Your might feel light headed.
Emily: Mmmmm...yawn...hello
Stacy: Good morning WAKE UP!!!!

Emily: I'm awake don't worry
Stacy: Get dressed!!! I am going to be at you house in 5, make sure you have red on. Did you get the text I sent you earlier.................................Emily you there??
Emily: Sorry I just had a bedout
Stacy: Ohh I'll ask you again. Did you get the text i sent you about wearing red instead of purple.
by 임신했습니까 June 22, 2011
to move young or delicate plants from inside and plant them outside
May is the time to bed out the geraniums.
by Jin Huang September 08, 2006
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