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This happens when you get out of bed in the morning, and you decide to look at your self in the mirror. It only takes a few seconds for the blackness to come over you. You blackout for a second, and it just takes a quick look away to get your eye sight back. Your might feel light headed.
Emily: Mmmmm...yawn...hello
Stacy: Good morning WAKE UP!!!!

Emily: I'm awake don't worry
Stacy: Get dressed!!! I am going to be at you house in 5, make sure you have red on. Did you get the text I sent you earlier.................................Emily you there??
Emily: Sorry I just had a bedout
Stacy: Ohh I'll ask you again. Did you get the text i sent you about wearing red instead of purple.
by 임신했습니까 June 22, 2011
22 7
to move young or delicate plants from inside and plant them outside
May is the time to bed out the geraniums.
by Jin Huang September 08, 2006
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