14 definitions by ¡DŃ™!

a phreaking device
Dude! The cops are after me for my white box!!!
by ¡DŃ™! October 26, 2003
mother of all boxes
momsbox.xom rulez you mom
by ¡DŃ™! October 27, 2003
the art of scratching, mixing. referring to music.
Yo! Check that DJ spin!
by ¡DŃ™! October 26, 2003
Awesome kitty!!!!!
Nohand gallery!!!! search google!!!!
by ¡DŃ™! November 07, 2003
a father (usually) tries to tell his kid about sex.
my parents went all birds and bees on me today, but I fucked two years ago!
by ¡DŃ™! October 12, 2003
the act of gaining free calls from a telephone from blueboxing(cant anymore) redboxing(YES YOU CAN!!!) and phonecard numbers.
The PLA is an excellent phreakers group.
by ¡DŃ™! November 12, 2003
stomach fluid
Holy shit, he puked up bile on my Mac!!!
by ¡DŃ™! October 11, 2003

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