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to lightly hit or tap.
"I'm going to thwap you in the face if you dont stfu."
by assclownz October 22, 2003
Past tense of thwap...thwap being a sound produced when the back of the hand makes contact with the chest/stomach area of a fully clothed person (when the thwapee is nude, it really rends to be more of a thmak) It describes a person who has just recieved a thwap.
Hey, I've just been thwapt by that random man on the metro...
by Lara October 22, 2003
The sound of your ball sac when it hits your girlfriend's hairy chin.
I heard that thwapt from C.J.'s room when Ashley came to help him clean up.
by Christopher Joseph Dobbs October 21, 2003
the sound when i'm smackin to mama's azz
i smacked that azz like "thwapt"
by supercron78 October 21, 2003
The art of slapping one's package, balls and all, on a flat, hard surface. i.e. your co-worker's desk
Johnny was giving me the what-for so I thwapt his desk to get his attention.
by The Velvet Hammer October 21, 2003
Past tense of being hit by a nonleathal device, such as a flyswatter, nerf gun, or newspaper.
That kind of comment will get you thwapt.
by Omnimancer October 20, 2003
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