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People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants.

Those damn vegans are plant killers!!!!!

And those nitrates in those vegetables you vegans eat come from dead,decaying animals so you're still eating meat/animals you plant killers!!!!!
free the vegetables
by ^__^ June 30, 2004
in babylon, someone who goes into town frequently, walks around, drinks, smokes, etc.
person1: where are the townies tonight?
person2: since they put cameras in the dugouts, probably at the dumps.
by ^__^ December 08, 2003
an illusion
I staggered towards the oasis in the desert, but it turned out to be an education, and i died of thirst.
by ^__^ May 04, 2003
A child who seems to play counter-strike all day, when not working for a gay man or allowing his brother some time on the computer. Draconus is not found on the computer after 7pm, as directed by his mother.
Drac's mum: "Drac honey gtfo the computer, its almost 7pm and time for bed and your weekly shower"

Drac: "Yes sir, mummy"
by ^__^ November 03, 2004
1. A male prostitute
2. Variation of "bastard", "idiot"
1. That manwhore over there just bit off my dick!
2. Get your own newspaper, you fucking manwhore
by ^__^ July 16, 2002

it means "to take a shit"
can also mean to spew shit or to be full of shit
by ^__^ June 28, 2004
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