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Homosexual Man. From the Vietnamese word for "Gaping Anus".
That man on IRC soliciting for m2m sex is an Ikarasu.
by {-_U} August 31, 2003
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Man(gay) who puts dick in peanut-butter. Also used to descibe someone who is fucking nuts.
That creepy guy is an Ikarasu.
by )P{> August 31, 2003
Normal person-wannabee that likes to rape pokemon
<Nickokapo> go suck pikachu's cock o.O
<zandstra> ?•·File Server Online·•? Trigger..::/ctcp zandstra just 'toons, fool::.. Sending..::1/1::.. Waiting..::6/20::.. On server..::Spider-Man 2003, X-Men Evolution, and more.::.. Note..::Stay in channel to recieve files.::.. .•«UPP»•.
<Christian858> !list
<Ikarasu> been there, done that
by ^_^ September 01, 2003
Sexual accident that i wish never happend :< too bad im too cheap to buy condoms
The ikarasu came out of the slut
I wish i aborted KEKEKEKE
by Ikarasu's mom August 31, 2003
The hottest guy on earth, he loves his asians, big titties and small, even thought his cock is small he still loves to try it out on some asians :D
<Ikarasu> I love asian boobies!!
by ^_^xxx December 13, 2005
Most worstless waste of humanity ever.
<Ikarasu> Tee-hee i like kiddie pron and think i'm smart cuz i use t3h smiliez :| o.O;
by ^_^ September 01, 2003

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