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11 definitions by <*}}}}><

A phrase used a hell of a lot by "the beav" in the book and upcoming movie, Dreamcatcher.
Others include "jesus-christ-bananas!" and "kiss my bender!"
by <*}}}}>< June 12, 2003
A Farmer Is Told That His Celibate bull Will Go Sex-Mad If He Rubbs Some Cow's Fanny Juice Over The Bull's Nose. He Does So, And The Bull Gets At It Within Seconds. He Wonders If This Works With Humans, So That Night He Scoops Up Some Of His Wife's Juices And Rubs Them Over His Face. Within Seconds He Has A Massive Stiffy And So Wakes Up His Wife, Wanting To Give Her A Poking Like Never Before. She Takes One look At Him And Says, "YOU WAKE ME UP AT 3 IN THE MORNING TO TELL ME YOU'VE GOT A NOSEBLEED?!?!"
If The River Runs Red, Take The Dirt Track!
by <*}}}}>< September 05, 2003
A true fuckoff, the kind of person you wouldn't cross the street to shit on. pond scum, etc. used with prefix, 'you-'
similar to "sack of unwanted horse piss" and "long streak of piss"
by <*}}}}>< July 02, 2003
Those little blue dudes that live in toadstools and beat up this randy old guy, even after he gave them one of his bitches to keep!
If I was to choke the shit out of a smurf, what colour would it turn?
by <*}}}}>< November 10, 2003
his mother said
that he never should
nibble on his pecker cheese
or play with his morning wood. . .
extract from "alec g is a wanker" by bobybird & deadfish
by <*}}}}>< October 20, 2003
How long a boner lasts after intercourse
Suck my hangtime, you fucking nazi biatch!

Hell no, my hangtime is too good for a nazi!
by <*}}}}>< November 10, 2003
the man's own meat. the blue vein flute. the schlong. the wanger. the leg grabber.
please see page no. 509 for a full list.
by <*}}}}>< September 26, 2003