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19 definitions by $nowman'$exy

Beyond the point of horny. Way past over due to bust one. Basically 2 words are put into one (beyond, horny) to make one word beyorny.
I am so beyorny after leaving the tittie bar.
by $nowman'$exy April 03, 2010
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somebody that trys to make there self look better but not quite working to well.
thats a neatball nap with what shes doing with her hair. but at least she tried.
by $nowman'$exy April 08, 2010
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someone thats lacking intelect; not smart; pretty dumb; a made up character;
1) yo, what up boo boo mcgoo? lol u were acting the fool last night at the tittie bar. u were throwing up on the ladies and got us kicked out, so your name is boo boo mcgoo for a week or so. 2) That girl tryd to play me like a fool, she gave me her number, then acted like she was cool or someshit, lol that bitch is a boo boo mcgoo foreal.
by $nowman'$exy April 06, 2010
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This is an old school word referring to grabbing a tittie, or rubbing up against one. This word is used in elementary school before knowing what pussy was, we would say did you get some tittie from her?
When i was young, i used to " get some tittie " from all the girls. She gave you some tittie? Well she needs to give me some tittie too. A few different ways of getting tittie are rubbing up against one and saying its an accident lol. Asking her to give you some tittie would be her letting you touch one. And if you were really the man back then if you got to suck on one.
by $nowman'$exy April 03, 2010
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definition 1). (m)eans (y)our (s)ad (p)athetic (a)nd (c)ompletely (e)xaggerated (myspace acronym). definition 2). a place were dorky ass people pretend to be cool, and that are anti-social in real life, so basically it is a "make believe" place that people go to feal like somebody likes them in this world. definition 3). a desperate attempt to meet new people, will only result in more depression. definition 4). a place were girls are put on pedastools because of stupid people.
myspace is a place were people can think they are cool and shelter away from how bad real life has treated them. they can make believe that all these people are their friends, when in actuality none of these people actually like them and visa versa. also, is a place were girls find themselves on a pedastool because of 900 guys telling them they look good, resulting in her thinking she is too good for anyone, after that both male and females are unable to find mates because of putting the women on the pedastool, the women believe that they have 900+ opertunties of guys that like them, why should they bother with you??? and all 900+ guys are giving her compliments just because they think they actually have a chance of getting some.(and they dont) so your back in make believe land once again.
by $nowman'$exy April 10, 2010
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a gurl that thinks she is hard. ususally a younger gurl that has never been in a fight and swears she can whoop a man's ass but would piss her self if it came down to it.
she is a paper cut. another one? damn there all paper cuts these days. y does she insist that she is hard weighing 105Lbs???idfk and dont understand it myself. wtf is going on with this shit?
by $nowman'$exy April 08, 2010
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a girl not returning your phone call. this is the ugliest thing a female can do(after she does this, she becomes a hideous looking creature in are eyes, that is too ugly to look at). some girls try to do this to make them selves look better. but doing this means you are ugly.
the true example of ugly is when i girl thinks she is too good to call you back. that sums is up and yes there is alot of ugly ones out there that act like that. stop being ugly yall.
by $nowman'$exy April 07, 2010
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