Famous video game cheat code. Originated in Contra, then reappeared in Gradius (1988). All video game fanatics know this code by heart.
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start.
by Myoga1 February 24, 2004
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Damn.. if I don't have a stoge soon I'll start havin' withdrawal or some shit..
by Dawn July 03, 2002
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When a girl says hiii, shes usually either really excited about something, or really wants to talk to you. Or if your talking technical terms, she is saying it in a dirty way and really wants to have sex.
Sara: hiii
Jake: what do you want...?
Sara: SEX
by Swagggggggggggggg March 17, 2014
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to kiss or take part in touching, referring to two people who are not dating or have just started dating
Nikki will get with Brendt at the skatium and then two days later he will ask her out.
by Kitty March 24, 2004
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Flipping a bitch is making an illeagal U-turn, usually done in the middle of a street or over a double line. Often times resulting in your passengers freaking out or shitting their pants.
"When she flipped the bitch I almost shit my pants"
"Just flip a bitch, there's no cops"
by your mom March 10, 2003
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I like how none of you jackasses knows the definition of the word supple, so you wrote down some random bullshit about rapists or crap like that.

Supple is a word describing something that bends or flexes gracefully, in other words, flexible.
Before the carpenter bends the wood into shape, he steams it to make it supple.
by cosmodius October 14, 2013
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