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Refers to where your snugglebunny rolls over in bed and spoons you, then affectionately reaches his arm around over your shoulder and fumbles for your "lower" hand (i.e., the hand from the shoulder/arm that you're lying on, as opposed to your "upper" shoulder/arm that your hunny's arm is now draped over); you groggily respond to his "seeking touch" by absent-mindedly spreading open your hand and accommodatingly manipulating your fingers to entwine them with his, without really waking up much in the process. This action may likely need to be repeated multiple times during your slumber-period, since either one of you will occasionally be obliged to temporarily relinquish the comforting hand-clasp to scratch, re-arrange pillows/blankets, etc.
Tiffany is such a warm affectionate snuggler that I don't mind the dozen or so times each night that she wants me to perform "zzzzfinger-interlacingzzzz"; besides, she tells me that she sleeps more peacefully and has fewer bad dreams when she holds hands with me.
by QuacksO July 23, 2018
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