zxc (zxc123) - a type of DOTA2 players, also known as deadinsides (ghouls) (e.g zxcursed); a 1v1 gamemode in DOTA2.
"Пошли zxc, клоун, Кабзда тебе"
"Lets zxc, clown, you'll get your ass kicked"
by TopChoiceMeats December 9, 2021
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when you have no life so you then search random words on urban dictionary
by fortississimo October 31, 2018
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Manly, powerfull and/or knowledgeable.
It is pronounce SEXY. Ze-eX-Ce Z-X-C
That Hacker is zxc!
That zxcbastard!
by zxcb@st@red September 14, 2007
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A name of a South African LAN organising company
Hey guys, I am going to go to the zxc LAN this Friday.
by lanking September 16, 2008
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Like A, B, and C except for PC gaming.

These keys are often used in RPG Maker games to operate functions like running, selecting an action, and opening the menu.

Games that use these keys are, for example, Hylics, OneShot, and Undertale.
Person 1 : "Why does this game use the keys ZXC for basic actions?"

Person 2 : "Because it's an RPG Maker game, of course it's gonna use those keys for basic actions."
by RoxNoAnne November 21, 2020
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