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'zwaf·fl·ing' Slapping someone across the face on the cheeks with your Penis,humiliating the other person
*bob zwaffles his wife in the middle of a discussion to show her whos boss*
by breekz December 29, 2003
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To zwaffle: Waking up your girlfriend by slapping her gently in the face with your half erect penis.
'Ruud tried to zwaffle me last week but I bit him.'

English version of the Dutch verb 'zwaffelen', a slang word in the student population of the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands.
by Ronald Hogenboom May 07, 2006
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To slap your penis into someones face or somewhere else. Usually happens when everyone is drunk or stoned and someone passes out or falls asleep. When he/she gets zwaffle'd, everyone laughs their ass off.
Guy 1: Look, he passed out hahahha.
Guy 2: Well go ahead, give him a zwaffle
Guy 1 *slap*
Guy 3: w..w w-What the fuck man?
by Dick September 17, 2005
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