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When a guy wants to leave a conversation on Snapchat because he’s chatting with his main bitch at the same time, often with the β€œπŸ‘‰β€ emoji
Me- I can’t belive she did that! Lmao
Him- πŸ‘‰zooopπŸ‘‰
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by Odd Virgo Internet Trash March 19, 2018
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Pronounced "Zoooooooooo-OP!" Interjection. A nonsensical, random word used to express vague hyperness or happiness or to defuse tense situations.
You (with a major sugar rush) "Zooooooo-OP!"

School Principal: "Your performance in school is bad, blah blah blah, suspension, blah blah blah mumble."

You: "Zooo-OP!"

by Zozo the Cat February 02, 2010
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