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Created by 4 brothers who migrated as a family from Glasgow to Australia in the 60's, who created their own urban language. Zoong originated from the Asian name and the brothers gave it a whole new meaning. They interpreted the word as having a positive vibe and therefore zoong was something happy in a quirky can be followed by the word 'shad' which intensifies the degree of zoongness. The ultimate degree of zoongness is 'Zoong-Shad-Crad'. Something that's Zoong-Crad-Shad is the ultimate in positive quirkiness~!
Zoong is a happy mood, as in "I'm feeling zoong", it is a happy dance "He did a zoong dance". Zoong is always quirky, upbeat and positive. "Zoong-Shad! It's my birthday tomorrow..." "I found $100 on the street! Zoong-Shad-Crad!"
A person or character can be zoong, like "she's zoong" and "'Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men" are zoong! "I won the lottery...Zoong-Shad-Crad!" This statement would surely be followed by a little 'Zoong dance'.
by Chez_Marto October 22, 2006
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