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Colorful zebra striped baggy pants made of very thin cotton. This clothing preference is typical of large and hairy mediterranean men who are also wearing a wife-beater, gold necklace, and tan boots. These planets are very baggy at the hips.
Why is it that whenever we hit the gym, the italian guys are always wearing zoobas?
by June 12, 2004
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A term for awesome.
The only difference is, zooba is fucking zooba.
Awesome just can't touch it. :)
Damn Kelly, you're so fucking zooba!
by Valencia Kreemy September 20, 2008
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cocksmoker, no 1337 cs skills here people

also see, chubba, devo, hono, fgt
whoa, he sure swallowed that load, zooba style!
by ozmund March 27, 2003
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