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A creature that is both zombie and a vampire. They are undead creatures that feast on your flesh and then swiftly suck your blood. Despite the fact that they are part zombie, they are pretty attractive. They usually limp around and their body parts can fall off, but that is a rare occasion. All of their teeth are unusally straight and sharp, unlike vampires that only have two fangs. And sorry Twilight fans, they do not sparkle.
Mikaela was both a zombie and a vampire. She was the perfonication of evil. She was a... zombpire. -dramatic music plays-
by The Dark Lord Chuckles. October 29, 2009
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Someone who is a vampire and a zombie. They eat people and drink their blood. They are very attractive. Once full grown, they have two sharp fangs. They cannot burn in the sun, but once in the sun their body part may fall off. But they grow back again. They are one of the coolest creatures on earth. Be jealous, werewolves, witches, etc.
This is Halloween:
lady: Hello
zombpire: Trick or treat
-eats lady-
by mrscullen17 October 29, 2009
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