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The Zombie Punch is an obscure sexual act, virtually unknown to the common public. While it is practiced by some, such occurances are seemingly quite rare. The Zombie Punch is a violent and illegal act, and should not be attempted by anyone, as it can be considered assault.

The Zombie puch consists of several steps, and must involve at least one male participant. First, punchee must initiate oral sex on the puncher. The length of this phase various, based on the staying power of the puncher, and the skill of the punchee. Next, when the puncher is approaching climax, he must remove himself from his partner's mouth, and deliver a swift blow to the nose, hard enough to cause bleeding and slight disorientation, but not so hard as to render the punchee unconscious. Third, the puncher must quickly achieve orgasm of his own volition, and ejaculate on his partner's face, preferably in lagre quantity, all over it's surface.

Finally, if performed correctly, the punchee's face should be well covered in a smear of blood in semen, and be staggering about, lightly disoriented. At this point, the puncher runs over to the nearest light switch, and begins to flick it on and off. If you have indeed succeeded, the effect given should be that the punchee looks to be staggering about like a Zombie, and thier face should look like that of the undead. The flicking of the lights provides a jerking effect to the movement, and affects vision as well.

The name "Zombie Punch" is likely a derivitive of "Donkey Punch", another, somewhat more common sex act involving a blow to the head.
"Sky, I totally Zombie Punched your mom last night!"

"So that's why she was all bloody and passed out in the hall..."
by Doom Strike December 06, 2006
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is your last alternative when one is surrounded by zombies and their ammunition is depleted and they have lost any melee weapon they once possesed.
Bob executed a flawless zombie punch.
by SlayerPro December 29, 2010
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