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another word to use when you are to stoned!
A man, you want to smoke another joint?
Hell yeah man I wanna smoke a ZOINT!
by Doobie Teodoro September 14, 2006
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The combination of zoot and joint, a term commonly used for stoners.
Amber: Hey Sally, wanna smoke a zoint
Sally: Yes, I would like to smoke another zoint.
by Ronaldronald September 09, 2019
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Zoint is a godly rolled joint without crease and made with the finest weed 25%+thc and a perfect roach
Bro: is that a joint my dude
Me:no you silly fucking fool this is a almighty present a zoint

Bro: OMFG it is a zoint I am honoured in the presence of it

Me: as you should be
by November 05, 2019
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