To viciously head-butt a person. Taken from the nickname of footballer Zinadine Zidane.
Oh! Did you see him Zizou that guy? His head must be made of steel!
by Doom209999 July 12, 2006
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A beautiful human male who can get any girl that looks at him
Yo look at Zizou , I wish I could get as many girls as him
by Nahvon October 16, 2021
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During the fight he got Zizou'd the hell out
by Doolio August 15, 2006
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For Dragonball Fans.
A Saiyan, with the power of the fully powered cell (Perfect Cell), along with a Saiyans blood.
Man, that Perfect_Saiyan can really play dodgeball
by Lorne Richardson May 29, 2003
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He is the shortest guy in the world
guy 1: do you know Zizou?
guy 2: yeah the short one
by Jkmkdbl November 22, 2021
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