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A shy girl, will go red if you even look at her. She is always low in confidence, but she is one of the most amazing humans in the whole word. Amazing personality. She is gorgeous, doesnt show her feelings but she will take a bullet for anyone who even helped her out a little bit. She is the Angelina Jolie of normal civilization, she is the kind of person to make silly jokes and show affection, youre either a straight girl or a gay boy if you dont fall in love with her after 2 days of knowing her. Zisan has the biggest dreams, some near inpossible to accomplish, but she reaches far and high. She is a creative being, she loves all sorts of arts but doesnt get pretentious with it. She loves writing poems and stories, she seems the kind to hate kids but will put her life on line to protect one. She hates pretentious people, people who keep bragging about themselves and people who talk like they know her.
by RangeDange July 03, 2017
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