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another alternative for a person from zimbabwe, also a zimbo
look at that zimba, (zimbabwean)
by kdz February 05, 2008
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Zimba: A recluse, someone who never leaves the house even when it's on fire. Will get pressured to go out once in a while but usually drinks too much that he thinks that he makes an ass of himself. Then goes to Sheetz and orders weird food like Seafood and Olives. Strange sense of humor that makes everyone laugh; Likes to make prank calls to his grandmother tying to get her to donate money to some of the wall charity; Loves Cheese; Funny, Smart and a great person. Always has a great group of friends; Reminds you of John Belushi in Animal House; Would do anything for his friends.
Duuude, that's because he's a Zimba!
by elliar May 24, 2011
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a scumbag, loser, someone who wheres nice cloths that have stains or rips in them. someone who hangs out with younger kids and bully's them thinking hes hard.
u look like a zimba with those bleach stains on your Hollister pants
by XzimbaX June 13, 2008
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