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A very beautiful nice girl. She'll treat you nicely until you anger her. As soon as you loose her trust, it's hard to gain it back again. She falls for the wrong guys but somehow ends up the same. Heartbroken. She's a sweetheart and rarely cusses. When she does, you know you've messed up big time. If you ever meet a zilvia hold onto her and don't let go! You won't regret it!
"hey what's your girls name?"
"woah, how'd you get her? You're a lucky one!"

"I know"
by Courtney Simons October 10, 2013
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A caring girl. Usually hot or Latin. She's a great lover in and off Bed. She's very humorous and uses a lot of sarcasm and banter. Shes always falling for the wrong guys. It's rare when she's angry, but when she is, you know you messed up big time. She acts like nothing's wrong but in reality her whole world is tearing apart. She can tell when you are lying. She hates liars. When she falls for a guy, there's no getting back up. It takes her months to. She looks fierce and confident on the outside but sensitive when it comes to relationships and losses on the inside. Having a boyfriend is the last thing on her mind. But she would like one when the right one comes along. Never loose her trust because you probably won't get it back again.
"woah whos that girl?"
"zilvia, the new girl"
"she's pretty confident, sure looks like a zilvia."
by Sara Hunnings October 11, 2013
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