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The zibot is a long forsaken creature that posses one human at a time. It has existed for thousands of years and can clearly be tracked in history by the bible and other sources. The current "zibot" will never know why they are in fact a zibot, and if the current zibot were to finally unravel the great mystery of the zibot, then zibot would no longer exist. He is out there, please keep your head up, he is normally harmless, but if agitated can become extremely dangerous.
Fred: "Hey did you see zibot the other night?"

Walter: "AHAHA omg yes I did, I saw him raping that roadkill"

Fred: "Haaaaa Ha"
by GodZILLLER June 30, 2012
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tribot is an ancient creature that has been thriving since the beginning of mankind. Its presence is extremely significant, and can be found in many historical events. The tribot is found in the bible and in the ancient mayan calendars. The tribot can only possess one human at a time and blends in quite well with society. Be aware as the tribot is always on the move, and could be right beside you. The tribot is typically well behaved but be extremely cautious because if provoked and agitated it can become lethal.
Walter: "Hey, did you see tribot yesterday at the zoo?"

Fred: "AHAH Yes I cant believe how zibot snuck into the elephant cages and raped the newborn elephants in front of the catholic school field trip!"

Walter "THRIVE!"
by king of chipmunks July 01, 2012
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