Best girl from darling in the Franxx, deserves to be with Hiro
Zero two is way better then that other character ichigo. And she deserves to be with Hiro more
by Yagurl69 April 18, 2018
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a character of darling in the franxx,
the cutest girl and best girl in darling in the franxx! better than ichigo,miku and ikuno together. She could beat your ass if she‘d like to.. dont touch her darling aka Hiro, she has long cherry blossom hair, cute little red horns, beautiful blue eyes and of course the cutest smile in the world!
Siri: „She is really pretty“
Vivi: „True“
Kez: „9a is prettier“
Julia: „ I agree siri“
Kaylee: „Everyone is great“
Alana: „But you know who is the best ic-”
Em (aka me): „ZERO TWO
by airaashii May 20, 2018
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Best girl from 2018, most precious smile aswell.
she should be loved and protected.
Zero two is really a great waifu !
by Horn Lover August 7, 2018
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shes the best girl in darling in the franxx way better than ichigo can ever be zero two best waifu
friend: ichigo best waifu
me: nah zero two best waifu for life smash with her if you can
by zero two waifu May 5, 2021
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Best Girl, 10/10 would smash, I deal zannies lol help me, i need physical help... seriously
by Remu le Dinowhore June 4, 2018
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Zero Two (ゼロツー, Zero Tsū) is the main heroine and the deuteragonist of DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a human-klaxo sapien hybrid and a member of the APE Special Forces, primarily fighting on the front lines. As an elite Parasite with the codename "002", also known as the "Partner Killer", Zero Two had always accepted solitude due to her horns and Klaxosaur blood. Despite having no regard for human life or her own and being accustomed to fighting solo, she took interest in Hiro and offered an opportunity to pilot with her, making him her new partner and "darling". After Hiro was able to ride with her more than three times, the pair became the 13th Plantation's newest members, piloting the powerful FRANXX Strelizia.
Yo Zero Two is Cool
by havent_changed October 31, 2020
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