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Cosplay is an abbreviation of "costume-play". The term refers to dressing up as an anime/manga/game character.
Cosplay is a popular hobby of teen-aged girls in Japan, and is also prominent amongst anime fans worldwide. Sometimes, cosplays can be very good; with a well-crafted, well-fitting costume that looks like its original reference. Such cosplays often require hours of hard work, and considerable seing talent.
Other times, cosplays can be horrendous; especially when fat, balding, middle-aged men decide to cosplay as Sailor Moon, or when a costume really doesn't fit the wearer.
Shizuka likes to cosplay as characters from different anime series on weekends.
"Aww, man! That fat dude dressed up as Sailor V. over there really shouldn't cosplay!"
by Aerin July 28, 2005

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one who is selfless and loving
often willing to help and go out of their way
Kaitlin is a total zen master! She helped me carry those boxes around all day, and i didnt even ask her to help..
by Aerin July 31, 2003

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