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Usually, a short girl who is very pretty and smart. Zelie's are so smart they may even intimidate the people around them with their brilliance. However, Zelie's worry too much about what other people think and tend to be more on the introverted side. To get a Zelie's attention, offer her free makeup, food, or a good book.
Guy 1: hey are you free tonight?

Guy 2: no sorry, I'm going on a date with Zelie
Guy 1: oh shit bro, you must have done something real good to land yourself a Zelie
by ChuckLunk4 February 25, 2017
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Zèlie can be a very kind, sweet and funny person although Zèlie can put themselves down a lot of what other people think and do. Zèlie can easily adapt things. Zèlie is a very loyal and trusting friend to people. Zèlie can also be smart but shy. Anyone who finds a Zèlie in their life is lucky
Guy 1: Hey are you free tonight bro?
Guy 2: No, sorry I'm on a date with Zèlie tonight
Guy 1: AW DAM, lucky!
Guy 2: I know
by Zelie May 15, 2018
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