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Zedek is A God fearing Man, has a good heart, a visionary, Truthful, values people and their differences, loves listening and always applies Wisdom, Has a Strong Character of Love and is hard to confuse, He loves knowledge, and always has everything concided at decision making, Has Strong Happiness and Keeps His Convictions regardless. He is always a light once he opens his heart, has insight and can differ things while still small, or at a distance.

He is Committed, faithful, and so has a high sense of discernment and Integrity, he Loves the Truth, shares all the good he has generously, and is selfless when it comes to Divine Matters. He has a Big heart, is Confident, and has a place for everyone, Desires the best for Everyone, Appriciates every social and independent gift and talent, in others,

Zedek identifies the good in everyone and, is honest about the bad yet in a positive-hopeful and helpful Way.

He is normally Considered.. God Sent, and a Spiritual leader.

He is a support to those around Him if given room. He helps everyone else excel. Has a very humble and Pure attitude, and keeps truthful to the cause.

He lives longer than most of his fellows, is hardly vulnerable to sickness.

He is Strong and excellent in all He does, and much of His Strength is revealed in those he leads. He is usually objective and Surely implimetive,

strongly Protective and Encouraging. Always Transparent, and wise.

You can't resist a Zedek, because you'll soon realise he is God sent.
by RealTLFGPM January 29, 2018
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