n. a person whom has such extreme abilities, that they are said to be sent from God. This person is freakin' amazing at what they do, and out do anyone who think they can do it better.
Holy Shit! That girl just scored the winning goal with 5 seconds left!! No doubt she is a God Sent!
by Stan11 February 23, 2009
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Amy Grant is an adultress who is a cancer on Christianity
Amy Grant, the queen of Christian pop music, cheated on her first husband. Vincent Gil and this demonic whore both committed adultery and divorced their spouses. God sent Amy Grant to hell for her heathen behavior. Amy's fans plea with her to repent, but the demonic Sandi Patty advised her to continue her sinful lifestyle. Sandi and Amy love deceiving their Christian fans with their Satanic lyrics.
by queensburykid September 2, 2022
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