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Savages on savages that never stop savaging cause there savages
That dude is fuckin zavage, I tried to buy kilos from him and he killed my pet fish when I didn't give him the money
by savage on god January 20, 2015
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Being savage in the classiest, bougiest way possible.
Hey Wendy
Just finished my work
I'd like to stay in if that's okay with you. Its been an arduous week.

You are more than welcome to join, I'm sure there's some wine, cheese and dark chocolate left in the pantry.

The breakdown:
^I'm going for the kill.
Hey wendy - that's me being direct
"finished my work" - implies I have a career.

" stay in" - lets her know I'm in charge of this transaction*.
" arduous" - I'm also smart.

"..left in the.." - to imply this is my normal lifestyle to add hints of sophistication, experience and class.

All that put together as concisely as possible adds the last dimension: the smash**.

* "Transaction" - #Zavage

** "....the smash" - #Zavage

by MrZavagePhiRho January 20, 2017
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