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A beautiful kind girl who is sassy,but sweet .She is popular she has lots of friends.If you don’t have a Zarinah in your life than I recommend you find one.
by Lionpaw245 January 17, 2018
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Zarinah is a beautiful sexy girl, all the guys want her. She gives great advice and is a good friend and she’s always down to hang. She is adventuress and chill and overall a sweet kind hearted person.
Did you meet that girl zarinah?
Yeah she’s really hot
by Andioopskssk September 02, 2019
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Zarinah is a very kind, weird, funny, loyal girl. She always tries to help others before herself and sometimes that can make her feel overwhelmed with emotions because if she fails to help someone she feels like she has let herself down. Zarinah’s peculiar behavior is a huge part of Her personality. She’ll say the weirdest most random things out the blue and tend to shock ppl. Zarinah is both dumb and intelligent at the same time. She is extremely smart when it comes to things outside of basic knowledge but for simple things she may stumble a bit. Zarinah is great at giving advice but a lot of times fails to practice what she preaches. She is very welcoming to all Nd a very empathic person. Her goofball energy can be extremely funny, sometimes annoying but her personality is one of kind. Zarinah is very preppy and optimistic about a lot of things. She’s a great friend for everyone because she’s loyal, trustyworthy Nd has a huge heart. She’ll cry with u, laugh with u, and simply be there for u. She takes her friendships Nd relationships very seriously Nd anyone who effects the ppl she loves will be dealt with quickly!! She LOVES talking, A LOT btw. Overall if u ever meet a Zarinah dont be afraid to say hello since her overall vibe is Very welcoming!!
Oh my gosh Zarinah is so cool
by Johnjohnpennyweed303&383 April 23, 2021
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