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a fashionista of sorts, a real sight to see! always on the cutting edge of style. Beautiful and hard to forget.
that is very ZANN of you.
by Lucy Moore November 23, 2011
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a name, derived from the word 'zen'

zanns are usually very reserved and quiet, they like staying in the back ground. she is shy around strangers, and even if she is close to you, she will be very quiet and withdrawn.

she is a good person, and does the best she can in everything. although she is quiet, she radiates a silent strength around her, and seems to be at peace with herself.

she's got the world figure out, and is content with whatever she has now. after all, she is zen, and understands what gives her peace.
'damn, that girl was such a zann, i've never seen anyone as peaceful as her'
by genistergurl April 05, 2014
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