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A great friend who is always by your side in ups and downs. You can always rely on her to cheer you up and if you are ever friends with her never ever let her go cause she is an amazing person. Even if you are a million miles away she will always be by your side.
person 1: hey have you seen zahraa
person 2: no, why are you always hanging with her?
person 1: because she's my best friend
by wait whats a pseudonym June 09, 2018
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She is a thin stick. Guys take one look into her eyes and fall foot over heel in love with her. She is one to put effort in, but not when she is lazy. When she does a wrong, she wants to make it right, by reedoing the wrong to make it right. She loves to be smart around others. People realise when she is around, especially when she's with her bestie, that has Blonde hair, Emily. She has the best friend in the world and her friend tells her where its at when she thinks she is fat. She is an Ectomorph and will always be one... she may not lose weight, but it is because she has no more to lose... SHe has caramel hair with eye-popping brown eyes
Sam- "damn, Zahraa is a babe, she has a coloum body, smexy"
by EAEAEAEAEAEAHYJ- August 26, 2013
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Zahraa is the most beautifulest person . if you ever meet a Zahraa don't let her go , she's so sexy and has a massive cock and knows how to please men as well as women. Jeffreys are so tasty... oh wait no I meant Zahraa said Jeffreys are so tasty. She listens to your problems but won't fall asleep while listening to them.
Zahraa did you say something?
by ShawarmaBoy December 26, 2018
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A very ugly and dirty person has no self respect and a desperate excuse for a human being
Wow what a hoe probably a Zahraa
by Siyaan January 17, 2019
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