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The most fuck-boy dorm on the campus of the University of Notre. Their Jungle Juice is "safe." They "allowed me the privilege" of dancing on the table, and they have NEVER DISRESPECTED A GIRL EVER (at least since last night).
"Did you go to Zahm last night?"
"No, I care about my well-being"
by Party P in 4B October 11, 2015
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Best dorm on the campus of Notre Dame. The Zahmbies are true gentlemen, but are still down to get a little fun and crazy. Everyone on campus holds the men of Zahm in high respect. Also known for throwing the most lit parties ever, i.e. Zahm Zoo. All the ND girls are scrambling for a guy from Zahm. Fear the Moose!
Wait, is that guy James you’re talking to in Zahm?
Wow, I’m so jealous. He better introduce me to his friends. I want a Zahmbie too!
by zahmgirl4ever October 19, 2017
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