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Zagir is the suffix for Zim and Gir romance/relationship. It ships Zim, the Irken Invader from the tv show Invader Zim, and his hyperactive, optimistic robot Gir. The shipping material consists mainly of sweet,cute,romantic storylines or fluff,there are very few sexually oriented fanfictions or fanart.

I, myself am a hardcore Zagir shipper, and I can tell you there are quite a few people who fancy the idea of Gir and Zim's relationship. But Zadr (Zim + Dib love) is the most popular out of all the IZ shippings. Zagir lingers around 2nd or 3rd popular,which isn't bad.

Zagir fans unite!
An example of your typical Zagir fanfic:

Gir: I love you master!
Zim: Gir! Not when I'm busy! Go away!
Gir: Okay... *cries a bit and goes off*
Zim: Hmmmm... *begins to regret shouting at Gir.
Zim: *Finds Gir on the sofa*
Zim: I'm sorry for getting mad at you Gir, really... Think we can make up?
Gir: *spirits lift* Yay! Master does love me! *kisses Zim*
Zim: Gir! Um.. I like you too...

The End.
by Malory Omega August 30, 2011
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