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#1. A man with hair like a fantastic horse. Often times, confused, all the time. Always found while tying his shoes. The "deemus" is a rare breed. He is always trying to steal other people's realms just to be greedy and get all the precious drops. He is the only man to live his entire life without drinking a glass of water. He is the greatest person you will ever meet. Are you nervous? Who is Zach Opex? HE DID? Zacadeemus's favorite thing to do is have his "arms wide open".

#2. A confused man. A forgetful man. A sweetheart, but clueless. Will only talk to you via text. A nervous man. A nice man. A God loving man.
1. Zacadeemus, can you stop looking at your phone and come here please.
2. That was so "deemus" of you!
by MissLyndzii17 December 21, 2016
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