a woman's breasts, commonly used in tandem with the phrase "shoof dem," which means, "look at those."
"Shoof dem zabes cuz." - Look at those breasts friend.
by Saadam Quaida December 12, 2009
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Zabe or Zabeth. Means a girl who is tired of her mans small dick so she starts dating other people while with him. She can either be married or just in a casual relationship but feel committed and like she can't do any better so she keeps him and fucks others on the side.

This is a definition only for bitches with a guy who is so salty he can't not be part of whatever relationship she endeavours so he can feel like his jealous ass has control, even if it turns him into a cuck.

In order to protect herself this "female" may even go so far as to make up lies and hate on others because she hates her pitiful existence and lack of confidence.
Man 1: You check out that hot, goth bitch, Ellie?
Man 2: Yeah, she alright. But be careful she's a Zabe.
by xBakaxUsagix May 14, 2019
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