a code used among teens to define a girl's butt in reference to the 3 dimensions on a graph. Z axis is how much it sticks out. Y axis is how tall it is. X axis is how wide it is.
Yo that girl got made X axis
by SMDWCE3 January 29, 2009
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By executing physical science's right-hand rule, point the x-axis direction pointer finger at the target and motion trigger-pulling my moving the third, fourth, and fifth fingers (the y-axis direction) while making gun noises with your mouth
The problem required finding the direction that the magnetic force pointed in which was difficult; therefore Sir Isaac Newton took his frustration out on the problem by shooting it with his x-axis gun.
by juking January 15, 2015
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Unlike a standard box (pussy) which lies on the Y-axis plane (vertically) the X-axis box appears normal from the outside but is rotade 90 degress on the inside.
Dude, that chick had an X-axis box! It freaked me out!
by dinomite October 30, 2003
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