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join the navy backwards
It is a means of subliminal messaging

used in THE SIMPSONS on barts boy band pop song DROP DA BOMB
three skinny women dance and sing the phrase yvan eht nioj
TV "yvan eht nioj"

Lisa "wait lets play this backwards"

TV "Join the navy"

Lisa "Subliminal messaging!!!"
by thecitzenrock69er July 12, 2009
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Part of a pop song on the simpsons in which 3 women chant it in a slow, kind of egyptian fashion. This is really just join the navy spelled backwards, designed for subliminal advertizing.
(Otto waiting for Navy bus)
Lisa: Hey Otto, what are you doing?
Otto: I dunno, I just got this craving to join the navy. Yvan eht nioj! (gets on bus)
by shutupdangit September 01, 2003
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A completely innocent string of words. Known for strangely giving people the urge to join the navy.
"Yvan eht nioj, bro"
by Legit not a troll August 10, 2017
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