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Naive, perhaps a little blind when it comes to emotions of others. Not that she doesn't mean well, but she can deal some slowly building damage in friendship, or a relationship.

They can be smart though, in the intelligence compartment. As for wisdom in choice, emotional troubles, and relationships, this varies a lot between individual Yuriyas.
They'll most likely want the easy way of life, much like the majority of the population. So, they'll make a simple partner, or a stubborn friend.

They alway are found with a crowd of people with them. Whether these friends of theirs are right around them, or chatting over a device, Yuriya is rarely found alone.

Can be a lil' annoying that she is always oblivious to those that take a liking to them. (To which there are going to be multiple at a time. Leaving four men to passive-aggressively fight when she is not present. (Doesn't help that she is most comfortable dating within their friend group.))
Man #1, There's something about that girl, Yuriya, man.

Man #2, It's just the yellow fever, my dude. She ain't got anything to offer you.

Man #1, But, just look at 'er! Beautiful, simple, and smart.

Man #2, And if she is? You gotta compete with crowd for her. Good luck gettin' anywhere, bub.
by Brendin Lloid May 31, 2018
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