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1) A great social gathering that lacked all sort of organisation, alcohol, or interest before it actually happened but actually resulted in complete hilarity for those involved.
2) Getting bored at an organised gathering of people and getting absolute monged on weed because you're bored shitless.
1) Guy 1: "yo gyal, you weren't out after training yesterday?"
Girl 1: "Yeah we were, went to the pub for prinks. A load of guys from the football and hockey club turned up as soon as we arrived, ended up getting pretty loose - it was actually a cracking session, you missed out!"
Guy 2: "Ah shit, I haven't been involved in a proper yuff up in years"
Girl 2: "Biggest we've yuffed up all summer"

2) Bloke 1: "yo man how was that edgy shindig you and Mike went to last week?"
Bloke 2: "no idea bro, I was smashed but Mike ended up yuffing up and his gf picked him up at 11 so can't have been that great"
by gerrybaboona November 26, 2013
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