Ewok war cry that was adopted by the members of Wraith Squadron to signify a long joke, following Wes Janson's elaborate trick on his commander involving an Ewok who wanted to be a pilot.
Yub, yub, Commander! - Lt. Wes Janson
by Zachary Gibbons September 22, 2004
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a term used to agree with someone or something
Smokie: OMFG, he is so hot!!
Tay: Yub yub.
by Shante Henry November 19, 2003
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1> the proclomation of your food arriving at the table
waitress: "who had the ham and swiss?"
Mike: "YUB YUB!"
by Mike December 8, 2003
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From Blizzards game Warcraft 2, in Orcish, Yub meant Yes. This was shown by the use of the chat console available.
orc: shuld we smashem!?
orc2: Yub Yub!
by Yub Yub March 14, 2005
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A filipino term for milk curdles trapped in a baby's necks. Also, a term for a disgusting scent.
Eww, your kid smells so yub yub.
by Jailene August 3, 2006
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