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This is a word that only a father and a daughters love can create a youyou,my dad took care of me by himself from 6 months old until present 15yo, when I turned 3 my dad would say YOUYOU to me as way to show me he loved me.I responded with YOUYOU,and this to this day remains a way let each other know how much we love each other, and depend on each other. Mikayla Hunter
My daddy looks at me and says YOUYOU and I say YOUYOU he then says in a faster way YOUYOU and I say YOUYOU and it goes back and forth until a huge hug ends the bond of the love of YOUYOU
by Mikiyouyou April 19, 2009
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A guy named Kory Hunter and his daughter Mikayla Hunter love each other and they love each other so much that they made this word!
I love you, You-You your the best!
by Mikayla Hunter May 08, 2003
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Dublin method of adding a rogue 'you' at the end of an insult or statement, derives from Irish (Gaelic) method of putting second person singular after a verb. can be used with any insult but sounds funniest with ones which already end with 'you'. The second 'you' is usually drawn out a little longer.
"Shut up you you"
"Fuck you you"
by Michael Jay Fox December 12, 2007
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