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A well known Neopian (member of the community), your__winter is highly controversial. Your__winter says she is a member of the witness protection program. She was sent to Equitorial New Guinea after witnessing the "BAD GUYS (!!!)" murder someone. When Your__winter goes a long time without posting, people call it a Winter Drought. One drought was so long, people thought she was dead only to find out that her position had been compromised and she was relocated to Genovia. All this moving around makes her very lonely, so she relies on Neopets to meet her "BFFs".On one occasion she admitted to having a crush on another neopian, Sparkledancer95.

Your__Winter posts:
I am afraid to go outside because of the BAD GUYS(!!!), but at least I am never bored, because I have my BFF's to talk to!!!!
by freelove36 May 21, 2009
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