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"you" and "don't" mix together (when you're too lazy to type "you" and "don't"
what youn't see, can hurt you.
by flametomato June 09, 2018
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A kid who is fat but cool. Likes to sweat before he goes out to parties and has therefore installed a sauna in his home. Tie dyes his own clothes and uses the headband/tie dye combo to remove the sweat from his eyes. Loves to smoke and do community service.
That tie dye is so Yount made.
by oj da gucci January 20, 2010
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A Yount is a human or subhuman belonging to the Yount clan and is in fact able to drive an automobile. However, due to the questionable stability of the Yount mind, it is strongly suggested that a Yount does not drive.

Younts are usually found at various fast food restaurants or fish houses and are categorized by the decibel of their voice or the goofiness of their tee-shirt.

Many have "crazy eyes" and make uncomfortable jests.
"That was highly inappropriate and offensive."

"No it's okay, it's a Yount. It's expected."

"Oh. Nevermind. Carry on eating your corndog then."
by A_Member_of_The_Clan November 07, 2009
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A landbased bipedal mamal whose mode of transportation is typically a bicycle as it is phrobited from driving an automobile.
"Mommy, why is that man riding his bicycle in the middle of traffic?" "It's ok honey, he's a yount, he has to."
by NICK B October 09, 2004
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