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1)Chavspeak:A term used to by many of the chav culture, most often the female gender (see chavette)in the opening stages of a fight or Bitchfight often
uncomprehensable and even unprouncable to most other members of cultured society, it roughly translates into English as: Are you disrespecting me? however, as with much chavspeak, what would constitute a sentence in any other civilised language is crammed into one stupidly large word.

2)Chavspeak:(Insult)A Request for a Beating. What makes this word so offensive is its origins. Since it is well known that most chavs dont have the basic knowledge to comprehend the concept of respect, The term must have originated from watching copies of the godfather films(stolen of course)which is why many chav's who use the term are instantly beaten to a pulp.
other variations many include:

by Hooky August 01, 2005
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