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The twisted version of english spoken by chavs--
English = Chavlish
emo = emo
scene kid = emo
goth = goff
metalhead = mosha
skater = grunja
trainers = creps
men = mandem
thankyou = safe
hello = oright?
my friends = me crew
i will beat you up = ima bang u out dick'ed
i agree, yes, no, (any affirmative response) = init

these are just a few translations, there are thousands more
* chavspeak in action *

chav1: orite blud
chav2: orite
chav3: oi, wanna fag
chav4: safe
*goth walks past*
chav1: oi goff, go put makeup on and worship the devil init
goth: (alone) pardon?
chav2: ya startin mayte, me and me crew gonna bang u out blud so jog on
Goth:*walks towards chavs*
chav3: LEG IT!!!
by tomd is yo mama May 30, 2007
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Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
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words that don't make sense chained together in a way that you get the geral understanding. lol.
chav speak:
oi init bruvv, got my 4 by 4 ravers and bass line skankers init sket. we goin to blow this place out wicked blud. ahhh mate thats well dog has it bluddd oi lets sketchit yo ay and hit the legs this is well waffle munter bruv.


im ready to party. lets rock it. this crap let go.
by 96love June 28, 2009
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A strange form of communication, also known as BRAP!
Ite boyyyyyy, hows life down the east ghetto innit safe RESPECT! brapage! I is well up to date with the chav speak innit boy safe man wicked peace out!
by Gravesendboi March 06, 2007
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Chavspeak is one word to describe the language that is spoken by the subhuman Chav race. It is hard to understand especially when spoken fast as in rap music songs, or a show of anger. A visitor to the UK should learn this language for thier own safety.
example of the chavspeak language
Chav: "'Ay check out da f**king goff, trash im!"
Goth: "Go away,scumbag!"
Chav: "Oi y'startin, y'startin, I'll spark ya'out cold!"
*Goth grabs the bling round the offender's neck*
Chav: " f..fking gerroff, y'killin mi!"
*Chav collapses half dead in some mud and the Goth walks away.*
by Jamesuddin May 02, 2006
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