"You are my heart" means that you are the most important person in the speaker's life. Without you, they would not be able to function, live, or carry on.
"You are my heart. If anything happened to you, I would not be OK. I would break."
by Peace, Love, and Faithfulness September 24, 2020
when someone hurts you so badly that you just want to curl up and cry. not physically hurting you; mentally. when love goes wrong is when you break your heart. you feel like you'll never find someone else like that person again.
her:i love you so much.
him: im sorry..but i think we should just be friends.
her: you broke my heart...
by lovelovelove. December 22, 2009
Usually when someone is turned on in a emotional way. This can be said in response to an intellectual conversation. Or when someone feels their heart is full after engaging with someone in a nonsexual sense.
John's overheard his crush talking about something business related. He was so excited and admired, he said out loud, "you make my heart horny."
by jetbaby96 June 8, 2021
typically the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a past gf or bf. when you remember all that was and could have been and then remember how they screwed it up so now you you just draw pictures of broken hearts and try not to cry when you pass them in the hall and they completely ignore you
boy/girl 1: hey that chick/dude looks exactly like (person 2's ex)!
*walk by*
boy girl 1: did you see that? they just completely ignored you!
boy/girl 2: (to ex) why did you break my heart?
by erica388 May 27, 2011
Intro: can you hear my heart beat?

by Affixis May 4, 2021
Can be used either sarcastically or sincerely when (for whatever reason) you hesitate to use the word Love. Depending on how mighty your heart is, "hearting" someone can be a big damn deal.
Awe come on baby. Do that thing I showed you. Oh yeah. Mmmmm that's good. Yeah. Just like that. Baby, I heart you with all my heart.
by Bobby_C October 10, 2007